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Hippity Hop Magic

When visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan,
give a call at 616-550-4697
for an appointment

Also check "Ring or Ring" for coming events & lectures. 

Give a call for more information.

April is BIG TIME in Michigan as Michigan Magic Day takes place on April 12th. Yes, "Las Vegas Comes to Mayberry!" This year's Michigan Magic Day is sponsored by the Monk Watson-Percy Abbott Magic Club, I.B.M. Ring 386, Michigan's newest Ring!
Date is Saturday, April 12 (Don't forget about the Friday Night Before Party!) in Colon, Michigan. Date is Saturday, April 12 (Don't forget about the Friday Night Before Party!) in Colon, Michigan.
       Go to the web site to view schedule, register, and for all details.  Be sure to tell your magi friends.
Talent is Kevin James (grew up in Jonesville, MI --- this is the Las Vegas part in the above phrase), Duane Laflin, Kevin Hellar, John Sterlini (another Michigander), Ric Carver, and Jeff Boyer (yet another Michigander).
I will be presenting this year's Michigan Magic Day Hall of Fame Inductees at the Friday Night Before Party.  
Here's what's going on in Michigan.


April 1st - (Tuesday) - celebrate the opening and closing and opening again of the Wunderground Magic, Inc., 16 S. Main St., Clawson, MI 48017 - Phone: (248) 280-5925


April 4th - 5th (Friday and Saturday) Creative Ministry Conference sponsored by the FCM. The conference takes place at 8900 Pardee Rd., Taylor, MI. There are two evening shows, dozens of lectures,and several dealers. Headlining the conference are Barry Mitchell, Magic Bob & Suzi, and Tricky Ricky. For more information contact Bill Fix


April 6th - (Sunday) The Toledo Society Of Magicians - Ring 68 - 12th Annual Afternoon Of Close-Up Magic - Holiday Inn French Quarter / Perrysburg, OH  - 3:00 PM (Doors open at 2:00 PMwith cash bar)  Tickets & Questions  Contact:  Martin  Jarret  (419)-255-2921,  OR  Pattrick Przysiecki  (419)-893-1944,  -  Tickets $15


April 12th  (Saturday) Michigan Magic Day, Colon, MI sponsored by The Abbott-Watson Magic Club, Ring 386 - Night Before Party on April 11th (Friday) -


April 19th (Saturday) Ring 211 Magic Flea Market will be held at the Trinity Lutheran Church, 2700 East Fulton St., Grand Rapids, MI from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Admission is $5 per person. For more information go to or contact Jim Parkes at (616) 550-4697 -- email:


May 3rd (Saturday) 5th Annual Vegas in MaComb Magic Show at the MaComb Mjusic Theater, 31 N Walnut, Mount Clemens -- 2 Shows Noon to 2:00 PM, Tickets at ABC Magic, 69 N Walnut, Mount Clemens, (586) 790-3700, TICKET MASTERS, MACOMB MUSIC THEATER BOX OFFICE

Remember to email details to any magic event you know of that is going on in Michigan. Don't forget to bookmark my events page to keep up on magic events in Michigan.


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