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"In The News" - Import $6.95  $4.50
Save: 35% off


"In The News" - Import

The magician displays a sheet of newspaper and proceeds to fold it into quarters. He then takes a glass full of water and pours it into the folds of...
Comedy Egg Can $19.95


Comedy Egg Can

Absolute HILARIOUS comedy routine with CLIMAX! An egg is broken into a Metal Can. A card is placed over the top of the canister. Both are turned...
Comedy Funnel - Alum $27.95


Comedy Funnel - Alum

Comedy Funnel - Aluminum A must for the performer who features comedy magic. Have your assistant drink a glass of liquid. Place the funnel under your...
Crystal Bubble - (Bible Bubbles) $13.50  $11.25
Save: 17% off


Crystal Bubble - (Bible Bubbles)

Fun Children's Magic...The magician opens a jar of soap bubbles and blows bubbles into the air, several times.
Half Bottom Glass $5.99


Half Bottom Glass

A utility prop for magicians, with many diverse applications. A more sophisticated version of the bottomless glass, this permits you to "prove...
Magic Pitcher $19.50


Magic Pitcher

A paper cone tucked into a volunteers picket is where the milk is poured. But surprise.. there is only confetti when you toss it to the audience,...
Magic Water Jug $6.00  $3.79
Save: 37% off


Magic Water Jug

Magic Water Jug A smaller version of the Six Shot Lota Bowl. Stands about 4" high and holds an amazing load relative to its size. You empty it...
Magician's Milk - Miracle Milk $7.95  $7.25
Save: 9% off


Magician's Milk - Miracle Milk

Magicians Milk A special liquid that, when mixed with water, looks like milk. Great for use in the magic milk pitcher in place of actual milk, it is...
Midget Pea Can $13.50


Midget Pea Can

Midget Pea Can First manufactured by Morrissey Magic in 1974 and long unavailable, we have re-made this great comedy pocket trick. Machined from a...
Milk Magazine Fake $4.95


Milk Magazine Fake

Milk Magazine Fake Self-Contained Unit Suspened Liquid Performer pours liquid into a magazine. The liquid magically stays suspended inside the...

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