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Midget Pea Can


Midget Pea Can

First manufactured by Morrissey Magic in 1974 and long unavailable, we have re-made this great comedy pocket trick. Machined from a solid length of aluminum to exacting specifications. This is the finest Midget Pea Can ever made.


The effect is well known. Simple comedy magic, just a little risqué. Magician drops three peas into the can, he says he will make them vanish. A spectator is asked to hold out his hand, instead of the peas vanishing they have changed into a liquid form. Liquid is poured from the can onto the spectator’s hand. We supply you with instructions for eight routines, such as Pea to Bean—Color Choice—Dime to Penny—Multiplying Dimes—Silk to Liquid......and more. Plus complete detailed handling instructions, ideas, and tips.

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