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Rope With 4 Ends

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Rope With 4 Ends

Perfect for strolling or stand up, with a number of possible approach to routining. This clever gimmick allows you to perform a real rope miracle.

You display a short piece of rope. Suddenly it grows an extra end! Just as quick a fourth end appears! Of course, four ends can only mean TWO ropes...with that, the single rope becomes two! Of course what really makes it magic is the fact that you use only one rope...suddenly the two ropes transform into one single length of rope!

  • You get the fully illustrated instructions and the special gimmick rope that makes performing this effect a breeze.

  • If you're new to magic or missed out on this classic, then check out the ROPE WITH FOUR ENDS today!

  • It's a great piece of legerdemain at an incredibly reasonable price!

  • Rope Color Varies


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