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Ed Ellis Lecture


Ring 211 Is Proud To Present

 Ed Ellis

“Sleight of Hand Artist”

The World's Fastest Hands

ED opens his lecture with a 5 minute “mind blowing” display of card magic from his 2008 Magic Castle Routine. He then follows the opener by explaining each of the effects in detail. Presentation and

connection with the audience is emphasized throughout his lecture. Coin and rubber band magic is touched on with the finale of the

lecture being his “You Blue It” routine.

Ed is know for his excellent card handling, presentation and teaching skills which will help make your event a well rounded

learning experience. 

Although not known for coins, Ed shows how combining 2 coin

routines strengthens the overall presentation and emphasizes magic

rather that sleight of hand.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 7:00 pm/9:30 pm

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4157 Division Ave S
Wyoming, MI 49548
(616) 534-5421
Fax: (616) 534-5423
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