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This is a fast and fun trick for kids, that I often use to open my kid shows. The magician has a brown paper bag and reaches in to pull out a red Lollipop. Explaining that this is not his favorite flavor, he puts it back in the bag, and brings out a green lollipop. Not preferring lime flavor, he puts it back, and brings out a lemon lollipop. Making a sourpuss face, he puts the lemon one back in the bag, and brings out a purple lollipop! "Grape is great! My favorite!" And so he keeps this one for himself, putting it in his pocket. When the bag of lollipops is offered to the kids, it is found to be empty! The other Lollipops have vanished. Or do as I do, and find three toothbrushes in the bag instead of candy!

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