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Pick Me, Pick Me Not! - Aldo Colombini

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Pick Me, Pick Me Not! - Aldo Colombini
Pick Me, Pick Me Not. Despite the fact that this sounds like the motto of the Rhinoplasty Department, it is in fact the latest from Peter Duffie. Show a packet of jumbo cards. Two spectators each select a card in an incredibly fair way. Show the cards that they didn't choose. On the back of each card are the words "You Won't Pick Me." The spectators turn over their chosen cards. On the backs they find the words, "Pick Me."
  • Straightforward and strong.
  • Good, solid magic.
  • No rough and smooth.
  • No duplicates.
  • Comes with jumbo cards, Peter's routine and an extra Aldo Colombini handling.
  • Perfect for either close-up or stand-up.
  • You and your audience will love it.

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