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Snow Storms - White Cresey


Snow Storms - White Cresey
A piece of tissue paper is torn to shreds & immersed in water. You scoop out the soggy paper & squeeze out any excess liquid. Using a folding fan you wave over your hand & the paper turns into a "snow storm" filling the entire area!

Here are the snowstorm packets for the "Wintertime in China" or "Snowstorm in China" effect. Each package of the Ultimate Snowstorm includes one dozen gimmicks & routine for the Classic Rendition. Each gimmick contains 3000 flakes. Supplied in a 12 pack.


These are the original snowstorm packets first brought to the market by Larry Maples and Raven in 1988, we have been the new manufacturer and distributor for the past ten years and we are thrilled you would choose to use the Ultimate snowstorm and accept no imitations.

The Ultimate snowstorm in china illusion is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet large enough to fill the largest stage. These are the standard White Ultimate Snowstorms used in most routines used by the worlds top professionals for over 20 years.

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