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Fake Milk - Milk Tex

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Fake Milk - Milk Tex
Milk Tex brand Fake Milk has been used in magic for generations!

Substitute it for the real thing, it looks just like milk.

Convenient, won't spoil, curdle or turn. Cleanup is fast and easy with just water! 

Milk Tex Fake Milk is sanitary and highly visible on stage. The audience can clearly see what you're pouring and where you're pouring it. 

Got milk? Heck No! You've got Milk Tex!

  • Looks like REAL MILK!
  • Cleans up with plain water!
  • Will not curdle, spoil or smell!
This concentrated formula is perfect for milk pitchers and other props of that nature. No refrigeration necessary. Ready to go anywhere, it arrives in a spill-proof container! 

2 oz concentrate.  Just add water.

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