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The Shattering Crystal effect is by Bruno, the startling Ring Vanish by Werry. Together, the items make a masterpiece of close-up magic; one which is so startling and stunning in effect that it can be presented in even more formal shows with equal effect.

The magician asks for the loan of a finger ring, from either a lady or gentleman. ONLY ONE RING IS USED IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS STARTLING ILLUSION.

The magician need not touch the ring at all. The spectator himself can place the ring into the slot on the cushioned box. Hands are shown empty, and you pick up and display a beautiful red-transparent “crystal”, threaded on to a plastic cord. The crystal appears semi-transparent, and hangs in the center of the cord, completely away from the magicians hands. Suddenly, the crystal IMMEDIATELY SHATTERS INTO PIECES, and there in the very center, threaded on the cord, is the actual borrowed ring! The spectator who is so closely guarding the ring box opens this up and FINDS NOTHING AT ALL!

Everything can be examined!

No replacements are ever needed. You can use it over and over again.
Everything is well made of high-quality plastic.


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