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Card & Dice Deceptions Volume 1 - Aldo Colombini

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Card & Dice Deceptions Volume 1 - Aldo Colombini

Playing cards and dice are two of the most recognized items that can be used in magic. Everyone knows the properties of both dice and cards as they are universally used in all types of games. On this DVD, Aldo Colombini has collected some of the best routines that logically combine both regular cards and regular dice to form entertaining magic. Additionally the routines selected are exceptionally easy to learn and most of them will fool you. ROUTINES PERFORMED & EXPLAINED: Half A Die Away (Gary Ouellet), Before You Die (Peter Duffie), A Dicey Killer (Aldo Colombini), Die Hard (Aldo Colombini), Dice Deal (John Rule), Itís A Draw (Richard Vollmer), Blind Dice Prediction (Shigeo Futagawa), Doubtful Dice (Aldo Colombini), Divided Trio (Aldo Colombini), Two/Color Dice (Aldo Colombini), Follow The Dice (Richard Vollmer) and Four Certain (Max Maven).

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