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Sylvester Pitch - 10 Year Anniversary

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Sylvester Pitch - 10 Year Anniversary

SYLVESTER PITCH '98 by Dan Sylvester

This video of Dan Sylvester is a must have. No doubts about it.

Michele & Jim spent the week in Colon, Michigan with Dan & enjoyed highly his high energy lecture that left some of the Ring 211 Grand Rapids club members in stitches.  Pleasure to meet you.

Jim & Michele at the Hippity Hop Magic

It start with a brief introduction of Sylvester The Jester and a couple of highlights of his performance as a "living cartoon act".

Then, it all goes to Sylvester The Jester. He does a quickie but very astonishing routine about the Sylvester Pitch/Inertia Pass. He continously produces coins, coins, and more coins. Then he proceeds to his very beautiful Miser's Dream Routine. Then he produces things from coins to steel nuts, to jumbo coins and more objects.

Then, he goes serious now. I was surprised on how a great teacher Sylvester was. He really goes into fine detail. He teaches the Ptich/Inertia Pass in thorough detail so you won't have any questions about it.

Then he teaches the psychology behind the trick, how it works and why it works. This part is the core of the move if you want to learn it. It will give you a really broad knowledge on it.

Dan then proceeds on the angles on pitching. He shows how to position your body to get the most visual production from the audience's view. Don't worry, this move is not angle sensitive and can be done surrounded. The move is virtually impossible to be seen by the naked eye if done correctly.

He then proceeds to show a little applications on how to pitch small objects to big objects. This is the funny part.
He pitches coins to more coins to jumbo coins to steel nuts to apples to eggplants to bottles to pepperonis to breads and many more wacky stuff.

The next segment is an explanation of all his routines on the video.
This part can be considered the bonus since the mechanics of the pitch is already enough. Very useful info here. All worth learning. His coins across using the Inertia Pass is superb and his Miser's Dream is really WOW!
Then Sylvester has this segment on "Common Problems with the PitCh"
I really liked this part because he teaches the right way to pitch and corrects the wrong which we usually do.
Then he delves in to practice session and he gives his insights in magic.

This is a very good video. One of the best in my collection. A must have.
I highly recommend it. I give it a 10 out of 10.

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